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is a Recognized State of the United States of America.
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The Boring State of DELAWARE
Capitol: Who knows?
State Flower: Forget-Me-A-Lot
Official Language: Yawning
State Bird: Platypus
State Motto: "We're a state?"
Nickname: The Boring State
Governor: Hated by all for taking away smoking in bars
State Anthem: "Deja Vu"
Population: 62
Standard MPH: Slow, reeeeeaaallll slow
Principal imports: Nothing, or something, I dunno...
Principal exports: Really boring chemicals
Principal industries: Some Frenchy chemical company and harboring every corporation in America
Things to Do: Leave.
Fun Fact # 1: Tied with Illinois for 32nd state of the the Top 50 States that are destroying America
Fun Fact # 2: Delaware is not fun enough for two facts, be thankful that you got one

Delaware is a really boring state that is somewhere between... some states, and, uh, well no one really cares where it is because no one cares about it. It is said to be "The First State" by some fact-crazy history books, but this is crap because anybody's gut would say that a state that is this unknown cannot be known for being the first anything, except in boredom. Pennsylvania is really the first state, because Pennsylvania is a billion times nicer than Delaware.

It is owned by a French company called DuPont whose family has been known to have incest with each other, which is a totally cool way to keep money in your family because John Stossel said so.

If you pass through I-95, which is the only way in or out of Delaware, you might see a building or two. This is Wilmington, Delaware's largest city.

George Washington nearly fell asleep and drowned when trying to cross a river named after this boring state. Thankfully, he found out that striking a dramatic pose where you put one foot on the front of the boat and point forward is a good way to stay awake.

This state is featured in Stephen Colbert's book "The Top 50 States that are Destroying America" which made the tourism industry skyrocket 100%, bringing the tourist count from 3 to 6. It is tied for 32 with Illinois.


Delaware was founded when child colonists from New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Maryland needed someplace to play catch with a wiffle ball, and needed a small enough area to throw the ball between each other. The land that became Delaware was originally an imaginary lava pit created by these children in the wiffle ball catch game.


At the Constitutional Convention in 1787, all of the states were very reluctant to ratify the the proposed Constitution. When Delaware finally made the decision to, all the other states felt emasculated that the crappiest state of all was the first to ratify so they rushed to be second.

Later, in 1837, some guy named Chuck owned a chicken farm.

Achieving StatehoodEdit

The State of Maryland took a shit in the 1700's. Bam, you got yourself Delaware.

Delaware LandmarksEdit

"Welcome to New Jersey" sign
"Welcome to Pennsylvania" sign
"Welcome to Maryland" sign

2 of the biggest houses in America

the Caesar Rodney statue
which everyone sees as just a dumb metal horse.

Famous DelawareansEdit

A Typical Day in DelawareEdit

People don't live here; the only signs of life are cows and giraffes. There is the occasional llama or alpaca. Delaware is famous for its "Can you repeat that again, but slower" motto.

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