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Deers are four legged creatures responsible for more car damage and death than drunk driving, AIDS, and tiger attacks combined. The liberal media has historically portrayed deers in a positive light, which is always a warning sign. But until Stephen casts his judgement on these quadrupedal vegetarians, one cannot be too sure of these creatures.....but still they do seem to mind their own business.



Deers are swift and fleet footed mammals best adapted to run away from bears. These shy creatures eat mainly grass, but will also eat anything else not made of meat, therefore, deer are secret advocates of the evil organization known as PETA, also making them liberals. It is our duty as truth sayers to rid the world of these liberal insects. Deers's fur has been greatly valued by Indians because of its softness. Much like humans, deers attract potential mates with their huge racks. Also, the Catholic church has promised to grant anyone who dies killing a herd of deer instant access to heaven with no annoying waiting period in purgatory.

Habitat, Range, Etc.Edit

Deers live in the forests of every country on every continent except for Africa. They are too smart for that place.

Deers: Good or Evil?Edit

Anwr caribou-1-

Deers love the Oil industry.

A question that maybe unanswerable.

Deers Are GoodEdit

  • They supposedly taste good.
  • They have soft fur and cute noses.
  • They always have boners.
  • They are no friend of bears.
  • Bambi
  • Their excellent sense of smell would make them a fine border patrol agents.
  • Deers rhymes with Beers.
  • Smart enough not to live in the mythical continent of Africa.

Deers Are EvilEdit


Deers are known to have homosexual tendencies.

  • Deers have hooves and horns like the Devil.
  • People shoot them.
  • The little bastards can kick like you wouldn't believe!
  • They outnumber us 3:1.
  • Live in the forest with bears.
  • Deers are all Vegans.
  • Deers rhymes with queers.
  • They poop in rivers.
  • Transports an Agent of Satan around the world once a year.

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Noahs ark small and stephen

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Stephen hates utah
Deer is in Wikiality's Animal Perdition

This horrid beast will spend eternity wandering the vitriolous wastelands of Utah.

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