Al Franken
Debt Ceiling has earned

Debt Ceiling (entitlement program)

  1. A liberal entitlement program that gives free money to Welfare Queens while adding up our personal debt.
  2. Increasing the debt ceiling is tantamount to increasing taxes.

Liberals tell this lie that the Debt Ceiling only authorizes the United States to pay bills from past expenses, that it does not authorizes new spending. Yet liberals do not understand that if you receive a credit card bill, the only way to control spending is to threaten the credit card or the bank with refusal of payment, that you will not pay the bill until you get a better deal. I mean what is the worst that could happen? It's not like China could reposes our country. By lowering the debt ceiling or creating a default the Tea Party predicts America's economy will improve overnight.

One Tea Bagger is already working one debt at a time to save us from the financial slavery known as "debt".

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