Here, courtesy of this site is a visual representation of some of the Debt-Miles amounts being discussed in the main article. All images are shown using freshly minted bills - older bills, being crumpled, take up more space.



$100.00 US. This is only a tiny fraction of one Debt-Mile.

This is how far the rummy on the corner is in debt.



This is about one Debt-Mile, ie $10,000 US. It would fit in your pocket.

The US Government automatically has registered at least five times this much debt per taxpaying citizen.



This is One Million Dollars, or 96.9 Debt-Miles. This fits in a gym bag.

All contributors up to this level belong to the Associate Membership of the Debt-Miles rewards program. This includes every American citizen, small banks, and minor corporations.



This is One Billion Dollars, the unit used in Government Bailout Packages, which is 9,690 Debt-Miles. It fits on ten wooden pallets, and you need a forklift to move it.

Contributors at this level belong to the Bronze and Silver Membership of the Debt-Miles rewards program. These are most major corporations, large banks, and a few private investors.



This is One Trillion Dollars. It is packed on double-stacked pallets, fills a football stadium, and is the equivalent of 96.9 million Debt-Miles. Government Debt is measured in piles this size and bigger.

Contributors at this level are Gold and Plutonium Members of the Debt-Miles rewards program. They are generally world governments and large corporations, although particularly wealthy and debt-ridden individuals may be included as they go bankrupt. One of these piles in one-dollar bills would fill one hundred football stadiums to six feet deep, and is the amount of debt (roughly) being added every week by the American Government. God Bless America!

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