This article contains information about an upcoming or ongoing Catastrophuck in the United States.
Content may change dramatically as the debacle unfolds.


Noun, Mod. Am. usage

Debt is the impractical measure of how much you owe, or the portion of your purchases that you can't really afford, so you leave that for your children and grandchildren to pay. They're young. They can work off the tab for your party. The solution to debt is the massive manufacture of high-quality chocolate (see below). Althought Debt is synonymous with Credit, it is actually the end result thereof.

For the practical measure of Debt, and the debt-rewards program, see Debt-Miles.
Synonyms: Credit, Stimulus Programs, Government Bonds, Debentures, Ponzi Scheme, "Bad Bank", Bailouts (Banks, Auto industry, Insurers, Wall Street and other billionares etc etc.)
Antonyms: Cash, Hard currency, Precious Metals, Wampum, African Trade Beads, Cocaine, Salt, Shekels, Spondylus, Ponies, Chocolate.

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