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Deborah Palfrey
makes The Baby Jesus sad.
Does your mother know you read these filthy liberal myths?

Deborah Palfrey was business woman known to many in Washington D.C. for her specialty parties and high-class, personal touch. Said to be one of the few (and I mean, VERY FEW) women that Tek Jansen (aka. "he who has had 'hundreds of girlfriends'") would not come within a ten foot pole of; Tek has his standards. They're low, but he has them.

It was said her personal phone book was a who's-who in Washington power circles.

After realizing the shame she put the whole of Washington elite, Ms. Palfrey committed suicide. Her body was found May 1, 2008 in a shed near her mother's home in Florida.

Nothing else to see here.

Getting StartedEdit

Deborah, "Deb" to her friends (and she has many), started with a simple home office, but it soon grew too large for her quiet bedroom community.

Debbie's escort service began modestly enough, but through word of mouth her phone number became more and more popular with the Commies.

Eventually Debbie was so busy she was constantly on-call and hardly spent any time at home.

Debbie's Business was BoomingEdit

Debbie was doing so well for herself, she decided to share her prosperity with other willing young women in the community.

Debbie began to provide opportunities for girls trying to put themselves through college with employment in her business. Those that were desperate enough to sleep with a certain communist moviemaker/bear lover (not naming names!) got paid quite a bit of dough.

Our Glorious Stephen would never sink so low as to frequent this type of service, because women throw themselves on him constantly.

Debbie Goes on TVEdit

ABC News will air an interview with Ms. Palfrey about a book that she has been working on ever since she started her business in Washington.

Originally, many television networks wanted to discuss this book with her, but due to certain legal questions Ms. Palfrey could not profit from the sale of her book.

Alone with the show on ABC, Miss Palfrey will also be on C-SPAN.

Client List, ServicesEdit

2008 "suicide"Edit

Guess who's dead? [1]

See AlsoEdit

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