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The chair is actually more confortable than it looks, and...

DPGurney is the bed

Death Penalty-Life to the ultimate extreme or good conservative Christian's answer to a criminal.

The only thing stopping Stephen Colbert, an ordinary American, from going on a murderous rampage is the sound piece of legislative patriotism that is the death penalty. It is thus utter truthiness that capital punishment prevents murders: in fact, last year the number of murders dropped by 350%.

Forms of the Death Penalty Edit

Supreme Court Death Penalty Is 'Totally Badass'03:02

Supreme Court Death Penalty Is 'Totally Badass'

The Death Penalty is Awesome!

The Death penalty has many forms, but due to the hippie liberals, many of those forms are being outlawed. The most commonly used form is lethal injection. Though before the hippie liberals came to existence in the 60s the electric chair, the best form of the death penalty was the most thuroughly used. Other good forms of the death penalty used in the United States include, firing squad, hanging, and gas chamber.

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