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is a proud and perfect
reflection of the Republican Party.
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Given all the applause for death in the last two GOP debates, the Grim Reaper would be a very strong candidate.
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~ ThinkProgress

The Angel of Death… and god of Rock!!

Socialized Muerte Tube
Death Programs
Regulating Agency
Socialized Muerte CEO

Death comes at the end of life for all of us. For some, death will mean that the soul is allowed into Heaven, to serve Jesus Christ in paradise forever. For liberals, death is followed by a journey to Hell, where they will get what's coming to them.

Death, a.k.a. The Grim Reaper, is...well Death. He is most known for his taking of souls, his occasional riding with the four horsemen (on his horse Binky), and of course his famous garden.

To learn more on death, see bears. It has been noted by some that the Grim Reaper has been spotted following George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, the Grim Reaper happens to be very close friends with Colbert as he helps him determine who will die each month, the Reaper though is getting sick of having to kill bears everyday as they do fight back.

Death's Political PartyEdit

Death is clearly a Republican:

  • He is old.
  • He is bone white.
  • Carries a weapon and is a lifetime member of the NRA.
  • He support wars and the death penalty.
  • Wants to abolish social security, Medicare, Medicaid, and Obamacare to stimulate the death industry.
  • Supports a bailout of the funeral home industry by massively killing seniors.

Death’s new ride… look, his motorcycle is in the shop… and Binky quit, OK?

Death's KidsEdit

Like the ancient gods of old, Death has many kids all over the world, from Japan to good old USA...


Japan's Death... I am surprise that they havent released a hentai version...

External TubesEdit

Jeep Grim Reaper00:31

Jeep Grim Reaper

Death hasnt been the same since prozac

In heaven we get to live in a wonderful world where we will golf we Jesus and Regan.

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