<bold>"Dear Nancy"</bold> is a way for citizens to write directly to the newest Speaker of America's House of Representatives.

Please post your messages to Nancy Pelosi and will deliver them directly to her.

Dear Nancy;

Do what's best for America: please resign soon.



Dear Ms. Pelosi,

You did not use all 100 hours in passing bills. If you have time to lean, you have time to clean. Please get back in the kitchen or laundry room and get to it. Stop passing bills.



Hello Nancy. Please resign. In fact, take all your red diaper doper babies with you. And for God's sake please stop staring at me with those crazy Ted Bundy Botox eyes. It reminds me of those weird dolls that look real..creepy! P.S. Tell Chavez and the ghost of Castro hello when you get to Hell!!

Thank you. User:Gram

Dear Nancy,

I'd like to know why you think you should take over the position of Speaker of the House, when Dennis Hastert was already doing a fair job. You are a Democrat, so things will only get worse with your plans to cut and run. Not to worry, though, as I sure you will have lost your job by the time Rudy Giuliani is elected as president, who will will undoubtedly do an excellent job at fighting terror, so much better than Hillary or Barack Hussein Obama.



Dear Nancy,

I think you're the only woman on the planet to be absolutely wrong on every issue. You just prove that humans did not in fact evolve from apes, they evolved from democrats.

Sincerely, jk84panhead

Dear Nancy,

Man up woman!

Sincerely, Senator Truffles

Dear Nancy,

Please stop making the Baby Jesus said, Communism doesn't work, and neither should women. :(

Sincerely, Lmorda

Dear Nancy,

You have giant boobs.

signed, --Sneakers 11:14, 13 January 2008 (UTC)

Dear Mrs. Speaker

If you trully care for this country, please resign soon.

Truthiness=Gut 01:57, 31 January 2009 (UTC)

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