Dead Mandelas
is something African and thus may or may not be real,
not to pretend that you really care either way. Come on - it's Africa.

The Dead Mandelas, allegedly somewhere in Africa. Not pictured: Kofi Mandela (killed by Saddam Hussein).

The Dead Mandelas are a South African reggae band that did Dead Kennedys covers and tried to liberate its people before being murdered by Saddam Hussein.


Bhoutros-Bhoutros Mandela as lead vocalist

Kofi Mandela on percussion

Gladwyn Mandela on percussion

Dag Mandela on bass

Ban Mandela on keyboards

Javier Mandela on horns

U Mandela on horns

Kurt Mandela on horns

Trygve Mandela on horns


According to The Greatest President Ever, the Mandelas are all dead because Saddam Hussein killed them all.


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