David Walker
has been a guest of The Colbert Report
and got nailed in the process

Blames the Baby Boomers.

David Walker is a henny-penny has been the head of the Government Accountability Office, (formerly the General Accounting Office) since before Bush was elected, so it must be refreshing for him to have a fiscal conservative to lead him.

Besides misunderestimating The Greatest President Ever, Mr. Walker presumed Dr. Colbert was a member of the boomer generation. For the record, Dr. Colbert just made the cut off to be a part of Gen-X, but boomers like Walker wouldn't understand.

David's LedgerEdit

Mr. Walker is an accountant and keeps a list of policies that cost too much money and need reform, and others on the good side of his ledger.

Failed Policies That Need ReformEdit

Despite his opinion of The Greatest President Ever, Mr. Walker agrees with him when it comes to reforming wasteful social programs, like Social Security and Medicare.



Bush is getting better (thank you for supporting our President)

support tgpe

is a henny penny

debt is 9trillion

50-trillion dollar hole

the new deal is killing america

sc is gen x

boomers dont understand

social security is the cause of this problem

if you can play bridge, you can keep typing

truthiness and transparency

grow the economy

budget controls

reform soc sec medicare

attempted to depress america, mission accomplished

chickens for goats barter system

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