David Paterson
has been a guest of The Colbert Report
and got nailed in the process
Fox Nation2
'Allo Guv'nor!
David Paterson
is the governor of New York


David Paterson

David Paterson became governor of New York after Client 9 proved to be a whore.

Within minutes of taking office, Mr. Paterson admitted to having an affair with another woman while married to his current wife.

Less than a week later, he admitted to having done cocaine.

What else has Mr. Paterson admitted to?

Other Things Mr. Paterson Has Admitted ToEdit

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  • gambled on the tax payer's dime!
  • killed a hobo

Fun FactsEdit

September 5, 2008 NailingEdit


as governor, he's called your excellency

  • governor of New York, it's been 100s of years, why can't we just call it "York"?
  • last time, the NY governor got into some trouble
    • nice to know him
  • nice guy
    • may have to crack a few heads
  • says Democrats have toughened up since 9/11
    • but not two republican parties
  • didn't want to sound like John McCain by answering a question with, "I don't know"
  • the basic difference between the party's messages
    • free market would kill health care
    • deficit
    • not helped businesses
  • believes the republicans were running Washington
    • Dr. Colbert doesn't know
  • they have something in common
    • They don't see race
  • legally blind
    • memorizes all his speeches
    • if Dr. Colbert had to memorize all his speeches, it would be "My fellow Americans, God Bless America!"
  • Spitzer promised to pardon all Stephen's tickets, would Paterson honor that promise?
    • He says he doesn't see "traffic"

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