David Levy
has been a guest of The Colbert Report
and got nailed in the process

January 17, 2008

  • author of "Love & Sex with Robots"
    • wrote it for other people who think of having sex with robots
  • book is well-researched
    • received a degree from a Dutch university (may be able to smoke his degree)
  • sex within 5 years
  • love may take 40 years
  • robots will be forced to have sex when the human wants it
    • they will be programmed to

Once you go bot, you'll never go back.

  • robots may leave us out
  • robots will be hetero-bots (straight robots)
  • robots will teach humans about sex
  • Cost
    • first will be very, very expensive
    • beta-testers may be available
    • may be available at Best Buy

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