David Kuo
has been a guest of The Colbert Report
and got nailed in the process
David Kuo
is a Traitor
And will soon feel the wrath of a vengeful Baby Jesus.


Mr. Kuo

David Kuo is a former Bush Administration official in charge of faith-based initiatives.

He was Stephen's guest on the October 18, 2006 edition of The Colbert Report. After turning on his former employers, Jesus may forgive Mr. Kuo, but Stephen won't.

Kuo makes the argument that Jesus and George W. Bush are two different people, but clearly God hired him to be President, so what's the real difference?

Kuo also had the gall to say that America is not God's home.

Kuo is obviously only out to smear The President, ya know, because his book is, ya know, one of those, ya know, empty and selfish, ya know, tell all biographies, ya know?



  • Tempting Faith: An Inside Story of Political Seduction

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