David Jeffrey Bomford
is too Australian for the average American.

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Osama bin Lisa
Mahmoud Ahmedi-David Jeffrey Bomford-nejad is a terrorist.
Traitor of the week


Bomford giving orders via secret messages.

David Jeffrey Bomford is the president of the Australian chapter of The Society Of Secret Muslims and his work as Senior Restorer of Paintings at the National Gallery of Sydney works perfectly into his scheme as a master forger.

Early Life & EducationEdit

Life Of CrimeEdit

Master ForgerEdit

Secret MuslimEdit

Other Whoever wrote this mess is an Idiot. The picture of David Bomford (depicted) is not the correct David Bomford incorrectly involved in the Obama conspiracy with the Birthers.Edit

Right on both accounts. Whoever wrote the mess is a complete idiot and the picture is of a respected Art Critic / Director named David Bomford.

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