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David Grann
has been a guest of The Colbert Report
and got nailed in the process

March 17, 2009 NailingEdit


  • is looking for the Lost City of Z
    • Stephen will ask him the lost reason of Y
  • fascinating story
  • he went to the amazon
    • followed the adventures of Percy Fawcett, a great Victorian explorer, Amazon 1906 (before Hollywood)
      • size of the United States
  • Stephen has no idea what's in Ohio
  • took 20 men with him half his party would die
    • did this for 20 years
  • when he began he was only mapping the area
    • didn't know Peru, Brazil or
  • his oldest son and his son's best friend
    • sent out dispatches via Indian runners (Early 20th Century twittering)
  • he didn't find it
  • after 5 months, he vanished
  • next 80 years people would search for him
    • they also died, malaria starvation, also got lost
  • has eye problems, fear of snakes
    • could have found it but didn't see it
  • Brad Pitt will star in it
    • will not play Grann, but Fawcett
  • to give Colbert a monkey necklace/crown
    • from the Kalapalos Indians

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