David Cameron
has bad teeth and a funny accent because he is British,
but still loves America, thank you for supporting our President.

The Prime Minister of England!!

David Cameron is the current Prime Minister of England and is the leader of the British Conservative Party. His party won the most seats in the House of Commons in the 2010 UK election. He replaced Gordon Brown as Prime Minister. He is the first conservative Prime Minister since John Major. Popular to contrary belief he is not the son of Margaret Thatcher, nor is the grandson of Winston Churchill. He has many similarities to them though. He will be to Barack Hussein Obama what Winston Churchill was to Franklin Roosevelt. He is however a different type of conservative but still holds the values of a conservative. He has Lilly Allen on his iPod but promises not to let his kids listen to it.



Cameron with a dog that will help defend England from Bears with the help of David Cameron's newly invented laser beams

David Cameron became Prime Minister on May 11, 2010. He will have a lot to deal with including whether or not he should appoint dogs to cabinet level positions. It is expected that he will appoint some dogs that will have laser beam powers that will be used to combat Bears. Since his party failed to secure a majority he may need to form a coalition government with the Liberal Democrats. He is the first Prime Minister since Margaret Thatcher to own a pair of Thatchers.

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