Dave Chappelle making the traditional South African hand gesture for "fuck off and die, you fucked up slag".

Dave Chappelle is a funny racist stoner from New York. His shows were funny, but not that funny. He starred in Half Baked, a marijuana movie featuring Jon Stewart in his greatest role ever, which says a lot.

Popular opinion holds that Chappelle is black, but this is difficult to ascertain for certain by those who do not see color, such as Stephen Colbert. In fact, Colbert and his obvious superiority to Chappelle was undoubtedly the sole cause of his sudden flight to the Republic of South Africa, where he was elected president in a landslide over fellow candidates Angelina Jolie (who was elected to lead some other anonymous African country as a consolation prize) and P.W. Botha (who is now dead). Because Africa does not really exist, many believe that Chappelle simply vanished into oblivion and the void, which may be the case - since his disappearance to the RSA, nary a peep or racist joke has been heard from him.

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