Darrell Issa
is a Beautiful Republican
God Bless America

Darrell Issa, Official GOP HITMAN! Edit

Are you on his List?! If you are a Democrat...that's a yes.

Issa as he cheerfully hands over the California Governorship that he bought himself...dirt cheap compared to Meg Whitman's bid.

Darrell was elected to Congress by most of the voters in the The Fightin' 49th district of the state of Cauliflower.

But he is most famous for being the congressman who overthrew the wretched and tyrannical California Government and handed it over to Arnold Schwarzenegger on a silver platter cheerfully and in the most dignified manner. For example, in 2003, his constituents insisted he spend his own money to recall the then-governor of Cauliflower Gray Davis because he was simply too bland.

Due to Mr. Issa's strict adherence to his constituents' desires, Arnold Schwarzenegger had to replace Mr. Davis as governor.

And now, Americans can rationally debate whether a foreign-born, naturalized American citizen who still holds citizenship in his native country can be president.

Thank you, Mr. Issa!

Darrell Issa
is a United States Representative
for the "Fightin' 49th" district of the state of Cauliflower