Dan Rather
needs to be Colbertized
Please watch and take notes from
the correct episode of The Colbert Report to get it right!
Dan Rather
has been a guest of The Colbert Report
and got nailed in the process
The Baby Satan has a special place in hell for
Dan Rather
and YOU just for visiting this internets tube!
Al Franken
Dan Rather
Belongs to The Vast Left-Wing Media Conspiracy

I should have went with my gut

Flag commie quote open
If a frog had side pockets, he'd carry a hand gun."
Flag commie quote close
~ Dan Rather

Dan Rather, also known as Kenneth to a certain person; was a news journalist who was unmercifully slaughtered by the Bears of journalism. Apparently no one told him when you play with fire you get burned. He wants Saddam back in power and he hurts the troops. He now hosts 'Dan Rather Reports' on the high-definition communist cable channel HDNet.

Dan Shows Up To Ruin The Daily Show And The Colbert Report Present The Midterm MidtacularEdit

Mr. Rather found out the frequency on November 7, 2006 when he showed up for the festivities with Dr. Colbert and that Jew.

What was the frequency?Edit

The frequency of nailing.

Dan Rather FactoidsEdit

  • Dan Rather knows the frequency
  • Dan Rather is a Fact Hugger see where that got him
  • Dan Rather eats babies
  • Dan Rather hates America
  • Dan Rather is a crossdresser
  • Dan Rather is an alcoholic
  • Dan Rather thinks Connie Chung is hot
  • Dan Rather thinks Barbara Walters is a prehistoric fossil and will be fossil fuel one day
  • Dan Rather wears his trenchcoat collars up, and once argued with his producers for 25 minutes about up or down -Harry Shearer has the proof on his website

Ironic CatchphraseEdit


Osama bin Lisa
Mahmoud Ahmedi-Dan Rather-nejad is a terrorist.
Al Franken
Dan Rather has earned

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