U R Here
Stephen from Knox
Dan Maffei
has been featured on "The Colbert Report"
as a part of the Better Know A District segment.
Dan Maffei
is a United States Representative
for the "Fightin' 25th" district of the state of New York

April 7, 2009 KnowingEdit


  • NY Dept of Health says not to eat
    • PBCs (put carp in belly)
  • carp caught in NY 25th
  • has yet to come out of closet
  • Palmyra
    • The Golden Plates
      • Won free tour of Jesus' chocolate factory
    • oldest miniature golf course
  • Erie Canal
    • opened 1825
    • Andrew Edward
      • Killed one of Stephen's ancestors
  • Democrat Dan Maffei
  • Muffy was too masculine
  • great place to grow up
    • working class families
  • home to Syracuse University
  • voted against his party 8/10 of 1%
  • he voted on the bill without reading it
  • Nancy Pelosi would eat his heart in front of the other people if he voted against
  • against NAFTA
    • safe
    • NAFTA may not be the same as NAMBLA
  • he needs to research NAMBL before voting against it
  • Star Trek fan
    • Spock in Mirror Mirror
  • wondered what it would be like if he had an evil twin, who could do what he wouldn't do, or say
  • "I enjoy cocaine because ..."
    • it gives him joy."
  • I enjoy the company of prostitutes, for the following reasons
    • it gives him joy
  • self-proclaimed nerd
  • always wished he was cool
    • drank a beer with Stephen
      • making them both cool
  • live long and prosper
    •  ?
  • making Dr. Colbert awful close to better knowing Canada

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