Dambisa Moyo
has been a guest of The Colbert Report
and got nailed in the process

April 1, 2009 NailingEdit


  • Dr. Colbert has felt guilty for doing nothing
  • send boots, bootstraps
  • better way to help Africa
  • if not aid, will we have more money for ourselves
    • AIG guys
  • what's better than aid
  • positive ways to support people
    • free market, a regulated fashion, which isn't free
  • how did Africa get so poor?
    • no sub-prime market
  • money is used in corruption
  • inflation
  • debt burden
  • intention is good
    • model doesn't work
  • book talks about model does work
  • CARE, UNICEF are pyramid schemes
  • concentration job creation
  • aid groups bandaid solution
  • Diamond companies donate all the time
  • mobile communications'
  • banking
  • countries that are okay:
    • South Africa
    • Botswana
  • IMF predicts growth of 3%
  • blowing her chance of doing a duets album with Bono

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