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Dallas Cowboys has earned

The Dallas Cowboys are an American football team used as a front by a Communist-Terrorist and Democratic alliance to trick Americans into supporting them and thinking that they are "America's Team". The evil Soviet geniuses knew that picking a team name so purely American as "cowboys" in the heartland of Texas would easily win the title as "America's Team". Of course this is hogwash, their colors aren't even red white and blue!

Evidence of ConspiracyEdit

Famous Communist Hitler was heartbroken when the Cowboys lost to the Giants

The Cowboys franchise is riddled with communist propaganda. For example, compare the Cowboys' star logo to a common Soviet symbol.

Also, the Cowboy's owner Jerry Jones sorta suspicously looks a bit like Lenin, if Lenin was an old gay man.


Pg2 a owens 200

Terrell Owens crying because Romo isn't "in the mood"

The Dallas Cowboys were founded in 1960 as the brainchild of Soviet madman Nikita Kruschev to secretly brainwash the American public. Throughout the 60's the plan seemed to work as more and more teenagers turned into potsmoking hippies, but luckily Richard Nixon defeated the Cowboys single handily 76-0 in Super Bowl I. The team has since continued to struggle throughout nearly all of its history, but has formerly recently recruited liberal crybaby Terrell Owens as well as gay activist Tony R(elentless H)omo to revive the evil goal of the Dallas Cowboys. They have been reported numerous times making out, especially after Owens had consumed many pills. This teammate and ex-teammate had become such close "butt-buddies" that they cried whenever people made fun of the other.



Don't mess with the Cowboys, you'll hurt their feelings!

  • the owner is a "Friend of Saudis"
  • Cowboys fans will like to tell you their team has won 5 Super Bowls, they have actually lost 8, and cannot face reality without worshiping their steroid-fueled, brain-dead, future inmates.
  • When the Cowboys lose, their fans and team members often whine and cry publicly (seen right), and insist that their team is still better.

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