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Daily Colbert
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Daily Colbert blowing the lid off of yet another act of treason at the New York Times.

A paper for every American, the Daily Colbert, has been informing readers of truthiness for more than 100 years. Founded by Stephen Colbert, this paper battles the evil Red Star out of Annistongrad, Alabama, a sorce of commie propaganda.

Like the Colbert Report does with television, the Daily Colbert is produced by real Americans, for real Americans, giving a health does of truthiness each and every day. According to Stephen Colbert, it's the best paper out there.

Unknown location of where it is publishedEdit

There are many possible locations to where it is acually published. Some say Gadsden, Alabama, others believe Tuscumbia, Alabama in Colbert County is the location. Possible somewhere in Annistongrad in some attic this paper might be being distributed, who really know?


The Red Star is staffed by some of the most respected reporters in the business, that constently search for truthiness. Their "reporting" is always supportive of our Greatest President.

Staff members have included:


There are 3 sections


  • The slogan of the Daily Colbert is America's Most Largest Homeowned newspaper filled with Truthiness, which means it's way better than papers like the Red Star, which claims to be just Alabama's Largest Homeowned newspaper". Come on Red Star!
  • Punched George Wallace in the face long before the Star was around.
  • Writes articles about the dangers of bears, informing Northeast Alabama about there dangers.
  • Is awesome and mega American.

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