Made for men to stare at while women talk.

D-cups are the most American and good of all groups of sizes of boobs. They give men and hotmosexuals pleasure, above and beyond those of C, B, and god-forbid A-cups. and always they are good for grabbing during sex

D-cups (along with included splinter groups such as DD-cups and DDD-cups) are sometimes referred to by lamens as Bigguns, Bazongas, and CostCo-Cans.

Some of the most wonderful and famous natural D-Cups are attached to:

and (unfortunately) Susan Sarandon

D-Cups that are achieved through the help of Breast Implant surgery are often HILARIOUSLY referred to as "Real Nice", LOL!

These artificial boobs are quite common in the world of pornography, highschools in R-rated teen movies, and races for the Florida US Senate.

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