Al Franken
Cynthia McKinney has earned

Ever wondered what someone looks like when they fall off the crazy train?

Look no further than Cynthia McKinney.Edit


Cracky the Muppet gets kicked out of Washington

A former congressman she was rumored to be nuts for years before attacking a cop resulting in her losing the primaries in the next election.

Further proving her to be a fruit cake she is now running for President in the green party. [1]

McKinney Hates Donald RumsfeldEdit

After a little money went missing, McKinney ranted and raved for the cameras in a blatant attempt to hide her lust for Secretary Rumsfeld.

It's shameful, really.

Luckily the money went missing on September 10, 2001 and that it wasn't that big an amount.

Nonetheless, McKinney really did exaggerate the importance of it.

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