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Cynthia Davis
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Hunger can be a positive motivator.
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~ Sen. Cynthia Davis.
On subsidizing school lunches for low income children. June 4, 2009

Republican Goddess of the week

Cynthia Davis is was a lawmaker and State Representative of Missouri who is was a True American Hero and defender of the Fast Food Industry.

She is best known for having receive a Tip of the Hat from America's Most Trusted Newsman on July 1, 2009Episode #581.

Cynthia Davis is no longer a Missouri State Representative, so she is currently spending more time motivating her family to fend off starvation.

How Welfare and Food Stamps are hurting McDonaldsEdit

LeftCherubLeftCherubI was a stranger, and you welcomed me. I was naked and you clothed me. I was sick and you visited me. I was hungry and you said ‘Get a job’.RightCherubRightCherub
~ The Holy Bible, Matthew: 25:35

According to Missouri lawmaker, Cynthia Davis, children should not receive welfare or food stamps. Instead, she believes hunger can help motivate the children to earn their own food and thus help stimulate the free market economy.

As a Real Christian she is just only practicing what's in the Bible which is compassion teaching children about bootstraps and self-reliance. Is time for children to learn they cant always depend on their government, let alone their parents! Welcome to the real world kids! Now get a job!!

Shame on you poor starving children for damaging our economy, shame on you! Now Ronald McDonald wont be able to buy his third mansion! In this economy who could afford it!?


Would you like sympathy with that?
It will be $2,000 extra.
Do you have a credit card?

Cynthia Davis ContactEdit

For those who want to contact Cynthia Davis to congratulate her in her efforts to fight off the Welfare Princesses, here is her info:

Representative: Cynthia Davis, 19th District

Majority Floor Whip

Missouri State Capitol Room 113
201 W. Capitol Ave.
Jefferson City, MO 65101

  • Phone: 573-751-9768
  • E-Mail

Remember folks, if you see Cynthia Davis on the streets, let us help her to attain the highest levels of office by taking away her food, now that's motivation!

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