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Cyborgs are trying to take over the world. The new ERA (Evil Robot Army) has taken in hundreds of thousands of citizens into their control from birth. This new ERA of the world will be completely run by cyborgs. The ERA is an accomplice of bears. This is only a further plot to take down Colbert in the bear uprising of 2012.

ERA Edit

"A new ERA has dawned upon us this day" Stephen T. Colbert.

The Evil Robot Army is an evil plot controlled by bears to take down the human race. It is only a matter of time until all of our peoples are abducted by their minions and turned into cyborgs ourselves.

Some people may say "hey, that guy is such a robot. All he does is listen to what people tell him to do". These cyborgs have no self respect and no thought for themself.

Not to be confused with robots, cyborgs are made from humans.

How to destroy Edit

We cannot destroy these monstrosities by ordinary means.

We can:

  1. Use a magnet to make them go haywire
  2. Always carry I Am America (And So Can You!)
  3. Keep I Am America (And So Can You!) bookmarked to page 210
  4. There is no 4

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