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Stephen's Book Club has determined that Culture Warrior is one of the rare books not destroying America and has spared it from the flames.

Available at Barnes & Noble.

Culture Warrior, Bill O'Reilly's latest book, is the grippy true story of how Papa Bear conquered the Grand Canyon, wrenching this sacred land from the hands of the wicked Queen Isabella and claiming it for the American people. As Stephen noted, you've got to claim things for America these days. The cover of the book shows Bill proudly standing in front of the American Flag he bravely planted in the blood-covered soil of the Grand Canyon, after his epic battle with the secular progressives who formerly inhabited the stunning vistas of America's most beloved icon of plunging ravines. Perhaps O'Reilly sees the glorious chasm of the Canyon as some kind of metaphor for the "Culture War" that currently divides American politics. Or perhaps he just really likes plunging ravines.

Dr. Stephen Colbert, D.F.A. recommended Culture Warrior to viewers of The Colbert Report when Papa Bear visited the Report on January 18, 2006. Stephen noted that you can get some great deals at Barnes & Noble, where Culture Warrior has been on sale for 30% Off since "day one."

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