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A cult's default god.

A cult is a non-Jesus based religious organization consisting of a leader or leaders and followers. Cults try to instill their followers with a sense of belonging and well being by brainwashing them into believing the tenets of the cult’s doctrines. By following the cult's beliefs and doctrines, the cult members are told they will be able to achieve peace and happiness. Most cult leaders assert that they have a connection to a supernatural being or are even supernatural themselves. The cult leader/s use this supernatural aspect to promote belief of that which can't be known through means that do not employ reason, i.e. faith irrationality.

For the prospect of peace and happiness, invariably cults require that their members pledge their lives to the cult’s doctrines of belief, give money to support the organization and even try to recruit new members to the cult by proselytizing to anyone who will listen.

Secularists (liberals, atheists, communists) have tried convincing the world that the difference between cults and respected religions (Christianity) is small indeed by pointing out that the differences between the two is the number of members and the amount of time each institution has been around. It should be noted that this "criticism" is fallacious as there is another difference, cults are evil and lie, while respected religious institutions such as Christianity are good and truthful. How can it be proven that Christianity is good and truthful? Simply by questioning the virtues of Christianity you have proven them. The answers are self-evident and easily rationalized by referring to the Bible or your local priest.

Below* are links to a 2-part documentary commissioned by Comedy Central (probably at Stephen Colberts request) called "Behind Blank Eyes." This hard hitting expose showcases one woman’s fall to the deceits of a cult and her eventual rise and freedom from said cults clutches and into the loving arms of Jesus, .. maybe, i didn't actually watch the videos, i just feel it in my gut.

Part 1 [[1]] [[2]] [[3]]

Part 2 [[4]] [[5]] [[6]]

*Unfortunately, during the great Viacom purge of 2007, these instructional videos have been taken offline. Once said material becomes available again, the links above will be updated.

Reasons why people join cults Edit


Cults always have large compounds in some god-for-saken part of the back woods, which no one every visits.

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