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Cryptic death. That is me. I'm sure you may want to know who i am, orr how i got here. I will tell you my story.

I was walking home one day, when i saw a bunch of maggots fucking eachother, so i killed them. SO i got home, and went to my room, and saw a note. It said:

jhgbxsdnhja cagyecnvert cersny Crypticdeath mucue.

I noticed one of the words was 'crypticdeath'. so i went back outside, to do who knows what, and (again) saw a bunch of maggots fucking eachother. So i got a bag and put the maggots in a bag, and then put them in a teddybear that i cut open. I then healed the teddybear's wound with duct tape. I then lit candles in a pentagram, and then i shot my dog, and collected the blood in a bucket, which i would pour in a circle. I then put the teddybear in the center of the circle, and then i crucified it. I nailed it to a cross. So then i turned off the lights, and while playing satanic music, i got a vanilla ice cream cone, and filled it with dog blood and watched it melt. Then i burned the note. I was officialy Cryptic Death. Why i did aall the other stuff, i don't know, i just thought it was cool.

Okay, here's me. I am a girl. I like slipknot, metallica, trivium, and tool. That is all i know about myself. The rest is too cryptic and deathly to understand.

              Sweet dreams....

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