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General Information
Scientific Name: crunchus hetero ballus
Plant Type: Perennial
Light: Partial shade
Soil type: describe soil type here
ph range: post ph range here
Mature plant size: post height of mature plant size here
Known pests: post pests here
Known diseases: post diseases here

Crunchberries are fruit that grow on bushes[1]. They are spherical (ball-shaped) and come in several colors:

  • blue
  • red
  • green
  • purple

History Of Farming CrunchberriesEdit

Cultivation & Harvesting InformationEdit

In this section post what other plants can grow in the same field as crunchberries, how to prepare the soil for the crunchberry bushes, any info about the bushes themselves and how the berries are harvested

Nutritional ValueEdit

Crunchberries are an important part of a balanced breakfast and provide the minimum daily allowance of every vitamin and mineral to insure a strong population of pre-soldiers.

See AlsoEdit

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