DramaticQuestionMark Did you know...

...Using the term "Crumbelievable" boosted Kraft's sales by 0%?


How Crumbelievable to have a barricade of Cheese Surrounding the Product!

The term Crumbelievable is the 21st century's pop culture phrase to remember. Other years had other quotes to remember, like "Where's the Beef?" and something about chocolate pudding, and America needed a new one to describe today's times. Dr. Stephen Colbert decided Crumbelievable was the choice, therefore everyone accepted it.

Factoids about Kraft CrumblesEdit

  • Unbelievably crumby
  • Made by Velveeta
  • Not too shredded
  • Not too blocky
  • Tasty and Delicious!

Different FlavorsEdit

Factoids about the term CrumbelievableEdit

  • Coined by the ad geniuses at Kraft, popularized by Stephen Colbert
  • Describes pop-culture (crumbled into little pieces)
  • Used in the Colbert Report TV Campaign Ad Makeover for Carol Gay
  • A pun on the word "unbelieveable"

Other Things Considered "Crumbelievable"Edit

See AlsoEdit

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