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Croatia pope

Pope John Paul, single-handedly responsible for saving Croatia from the clutches of Godless Communism.

Croatia is another of the former Yugoslav Republics, only unlike the others it is a true Western Democracy with enlightened Capitalist ideals and belief in the One True Faith. Croatia credits a visit by Pope John Paul II some time shortly before the fall of the Berlin Wall and the end of godless Communism.

Croatian HistoryEdit

Croatia invented the necktie. Cravat = Croat. Thanks, Croatia.

Croatian GeographyEdit

Croatia is Slovenia's Mexico and Serbia's Canada.

Croatian ClimateEdit

Unlike Slovenia, Croatia has a climate.

Croatian CultureEdit

They're Catholic. Really, really Catholic. Into the whole ethnic-cleansing thing like the Serbs and the Bosnians, but not as crazy as the Slovenians. Unpredictable like the rest of the Balkans.

Famous CroatiansEdit


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