God Touching Adam
"Critical Analysis Of Evolution"
you have been touched in a very special way.

When liberals employ their activist judges to strike down The Word of God, Real Americans must regroup and continue the fight for all that is good and Holy.

First liberals removed The Holy Bible, God and The Baby Jesus out of schools. And when Americans demanded the fair and balanced alternative: the science of Creationism, liberals implemented the Nancy Pelosi mandatory afterschool activity: gay marriage.

Then, when Americans struck back with Intelligent Design, the liberals pulled global warming out of their asses.

Well, the battle ends here, you heathen patchouli terrorists, America won't stand for your progressive ideology shoved down our throats.

You want people to keep an open mind? Well, how do you like these apples:

All God-fearing, Jesus-loving True Christians™ have accepted the latest Discovery Institute created and sponsored meme:

"debate the controversy" or Critical Analysis of Evolution.


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