Hi, I'm Sally Struthers, and I'm here to tell you how you can help pages on
In the same amount of time it takes to drink one cup of coffee, you can fill an internets tube with
the truthiness it so desperately needs.
Please join me in this cause. Thank You.

makes The Baby Jesus and America cry,
and should be treated with caution contempt!


Typical Jew Criminal
Being genetically inferior, criminals are unable to mantain a Real American job.

Criminal: /krim-i-NALZ/ (n. or adj.) First appeared: 6.5 seconds after the first law.

  1. People who break the law and are not forgiven by The Baby Jesus.
  2. Hippies
  3. Politicians
  4. Evangelical Christianity

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is a part of's dictionary, "Watch What You Say". For the full dictionary, click here.

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