Welcome to Miss Simpson!
Nice to see you practicing your writing skills here.

However, you might want to call for help, because this page is more embarassing than that "chicken of the sea" incident.

Hey, where the hell is
I don't care, it's not America...hey nice ass, lady!
Hello, Kitty
Hello, Crapistan
Asian and very good at math.

A really crappy country.

Seriously, it's so crap theres nothing to it...

... ah crap there is more to it...

What's all the crap about Edit


Sheik Abu boo bin Michael Moore holds this plate as a sign of his royalty and dominion over crapistan.

Crapistan is a vassal state of Islamdom. Every year, Michael Moore's uncles and cousins, many of them being bears, pay tribute to the leader of Islamdom, who is unknown. This crappy place however, is just to crap to have anything, even sand is a rare treasure to most Crapistanis. Therefore, the tribute paid is in slaves and sand:

History of Crapistan Edit

Like so many Middle Eastern things and bobs, Crapistan has a very mysterious history. It is believed that a certain Alladin once lived in Crapistan, back in the days when it was inhabited by one or two people. Then, he found a lamp that ran on solar power, rubbed in a way that made the baby Jesus sad and out came a Liberal Genie that requested liberalism to be the state religion.

Over time, as the population increased from one people to two (no one knows how this was done - its too crap to have cloning) the religion was changed to Mooslimism in 667 AD after it was rapidly overrun in 666 AD.

I mean, come on people, it's got a crap army, one person!

P7032101 small2

A typical individual of this place. Just look at all that crap he has...

What does it do in the modern world? Edit

What modern world? Crapistan still has its calender date to be sometime in 1400's. They do nothing but crap on their fields of dust. They have no sand because they used it all to pay Michael Moore tribute so that he doesn't eat their country. Link title

Do you want to see Crapistan? Edit

Crapistan is a great country to see the monumental terds, the highest you've ever seen. Crapistan has the most toilets than any other country, and holds 17 Gold metals for biggest terds ever taken in an Olympic tournament. Crapistan has a crappy economy, and even crappier people, but that doesn't stop them from ethnic cleansing the other crappy minorities. Crapistan believes in Crappy socialism, and pracitices crappy religion. Crapy people are not always tolerant, but can always show you a crappy time in Crapistan.

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