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New York


Chief Judge

  • Dennis Jacobs

Circuit Judges

  • Guido Calabresi
  • José A. Cabranes
  • Chester J. Straub
  • Rosemary S. Pooler
  • Robert D. Sack
  • Sonia Sotomayor
  • Robert A. Katzmann
  • Barrington D. Parker
  • Reena Raggi
  • Richard C. Wesley
  • Peter W. Hall
  • Debra Ann Livingston

Senior Judges

  • Wilfred Feinberg
  • Thomas J. Meskill
  • Jon O. Newman
  • Amalya L. Kearse
  • Richard J. Cardamone
  • Ralph K. Winter
  • Roger J. Miner
  • John M. Walker, Jr.
  • Joseph M. McLaughlin
  • Pierre N. Leval

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