County Fair
can be found in any all-American hometown!

When Real Americans feel the threat of liberalism bearing down on America's Sacred Values, we dress up as cowboys and lament the passage of time at the county fair.

History Of County FairsEdit

Where The County Fair Can Be FoundEdit

In your County! This weekend only! Bring the kids!

People Who Work At The County FairEdit


Carnies, carnies, and more carnies!

There are also rides and fried food and enormous vegetables and pigs.

What Happens At The County FairEdit

450-pound whale women in Western-wear muumuus walk around with their skinny little 80-pound cowboy-themed husbands in tow, and attempt to win blue ribbons by eating the largest pigs on display. Funnel cakes are invovled in some obscure, frightening manner.

Culture At The Fair!Edit


Both kinds of music are found at County Fairs. They have Country, and they have Western. If attendees are particularly lucky, there may be a Square Dance or even Yodelling!


If it can be dipped in batter and/or deep-fried, and especially if it's just deep-fried batter, it's on offer at the County Fair! From corndogs on a stick to Freedom Fries to mini-donuts the Fair offers something deep-fried for everyone, except vegetarians!

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