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Corporatism is the political belief that corporation, not nationstates, should provide vital services. The employer, not the government, should provide healthcare by getting the employee healthcare insurance. The whole industry, with all participating corporations, should negotiate trade policy, not the government.

Police, Firefighter, Education, Healthcare, and Military Edit

Corporatist believed that the police stations, the fire stations, the schools, the hospitals, and the military should be all privatized and privately owned. Employers purchased for the employees all the police coverage, the firefighting coverage, the kids' education coverage, the healthcare coverage, and the military coverage they needed.

So long as you are employed, you should have no fear for thieves, fires, kids' education, illness, or terrorists. If you are not employed, go get a job!

Corporatism vs Communism Edit

Corporatism is the exact opposite of communism. Everything is privately owned under a corporatist government; whereas, everything is government owned under a communist government.

For true freedom to exist, people should be free to negotiate with their employer to choose the amount of police coverage they have. If you don't want police coverage for your husband's homicide, then don't get any. Your husband probably has his own police coverage for his own homicide, if he is employed.

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