Cornelius Q. Vestibule is a prolific spam writer who was scheduled to appear on the June 12, 2007 edition of The Colbert Report.

Mr. Vestibule was called away for an investment meeting opportunity concerning funds in the amount of US $46,230,000.00 (FORTY-SIX MILLION TWO HUNDRED THIRTY THOUSAND DOLLARS) HELD IN PROBATE AFTER THE UNTIMELY DEMISE OF THE GHANIAN INTERIOR MINISTER IN A HORRIFIC SKI LIFT ACCIDENT.

The funds were to be invested in increasing the size of your manh00d to satisfy seksy yung gr!ls who like it whn u r hng, by buying multiple shares of XITE (current price $ 0.60) on the stock market at prices that guarantee a massive 300% return!!!

In his place, video blogger Josh Wolf appeared on The Report.

nasty skirt with lap top burn
alice poker is knobs.
front move, study crab dream all

No, SenTedStevens No! SenTedStevens NO!!! SenTedStevens

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