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Do you find me... arousing? If so, perhaps you stumbled into the wrong Colbert fansite in your haste?

Corn is an essential part of the American diet.

Corn: The GoodEdit

Corn was central to Stephen Colbert strategy for defeating Tom Vilsack. Stephen's and his highly skilled graphics team took down the Cornstapo through the prominent placement of corn in their first and only Vilsack Attack!

Corn: The BadEdit


What's next, hippies? Cars fueled by garmonbozia?

On the other hand, corn is also a key ingredient in ethanol.

Corn: The OddEdit

On yet a third body part, judging from the number of NSFW posts it has generated on the Colboards, corn seems to have become the source of an unnatural, and perhaps unholy fixation for certain members of the Colbert Nation.

A Word on Baby Corn:Edit


Multiple Words on Baby Corn:Edit

A scientific (therefore evil) creation. Liberal Farmers have tampered with the corn of God, to make a disgusting hybrid of corn and midgets. While in philosophy a good idea, seeing as though the task of shucking is completely removed, baby corn ended up tasting like the bone marrow of ogres. Scientists are trying to make baby oysters, but oysters refuse to shrink. Jewelers are increasingly against this research because pearl production would in turn become "baby" as well.

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