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Constitutional Originalism is the truthy belief that the original Constitution provides all the legal guidance America needs for today, tomorrow, and all times. Originalism places its faith in the original intent and intelligent design of America's Founding Fathers, rather than leaving it up to a bunch of Activist Judges to chart our country's course. Recognizing that the needs of our country today are the same as they were back when the Constitution was framed, Originalists hew to the same flawless logic of religious scholars who find universal guidelines for navigating the social and political landscape of the modern world in the inerrant consistency of God's Holy Word.

Many of these Originalists have not read or studied the original document, so they rely on more educated Originalists ("Glenn Beck" "Rush Linbaugh") to tell them what it says. This way, they learn that Obama equals Hitler & the Public Schools are run by Nazis (all of which is written in the Original Constitution and on Glenn Beck's chalk board.)

The current Standard Bearer for Constitutional Originality is Her Royal Highness, Lady Sarah Palin. She & her followers, also disciples of the Good & Great Beck & Linbaugh, are spreading this important truthiness across our nation.

Many adherents to Constitutional Originality also subscribe to the belief in Intelligent Design, thus proving themselves to be in the lower half of the IQ bell curve.

Oh No!
Constitutional Originalism
needs help fast!
Quick! Someone call the cavalry!

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