In the short history, one user has risen head and shoulders above the rest. He goes by the arcane name of Hiram Whickermeister the Third, and he is a true hero. This page is a tribute to his genius.

On PatriotismEdit

Patriotism, or love of country, is the highest American virtue. Patriotism means unquestioning obedience and loyalty to the Leader of the country, so long as he is true to conservative Christian principles. The opposite of patriotism, treason, is the act of questioning, criticizing or voting against the Leader. However, it is not treason to oppose a Democrat president. Patriotism comes from the Latin. An ancient Latino poet wrote "Dulce et decorum est pro Patria mori", which means "It is sweet and decorative for patriots to die". Now, however, the word has become American.

On MicroevolutionEdit

The word "microevolution" comes from the Latin "micro", or "very small". Thus an example of microevolution would be the devlopment of bacterial resistance to antibiotics, because bacteria are very small (microscopic). A number of creation scientists agree that microevolution can take place. This is in contract to "macroevolution" (from the Latin "macro", or "large"), evolution in large animals such as elephants, giant tortoises or even humans, which cannot take place.

On Guy FawkesEdit

Fawkes was caught before he could put this plan into action. He was interrogated through torture. Normally torture would have been forbidden, but James I decided that the country was at war and therefore torture was OK. Fawkes was ultimately was put to death along with his co-conspirators for treason and attempted murder. He died on January 31, 1606, by having his guts slowly pulled out. Although this form of death may seem unpleasant, it the only way to deal with those who question the rule of the Leader.

On VaccinesEdit

Vaccines against STDs are unnecessary for those who live Godly Christian lives (i.e., practicing monogamy and avoiding use of injected illegal drugs); such diseases are the just punishment of those who are un-Godly. While it is true that such vaccination may prevent infection of innocent lives (for example, a monogamous woman may be infected with AIDS, and pass the disease along to her children, due to a husband's use of drugs before marriage) some amount of loss of innocent life must be accepted as collateral damage for morality.

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