Connecticut for Lieberman
is an American Political Party.
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Emperor Senator Lieberman finds your lack of faith disturbing.

Connecticut for Lieberman is the official political party that has but one member, Joe Lieberman, now also named Sore Loserman for his refusal to accept the primary results (also known as the will of the voters).

Lieberman formed this party to run in the general election after his loss in the Connecticut Democratic primary to Ned Lamont. This loss was partially attributed to Lamont's post-Colbert bounce after Lamont's appearance on the show.

Host Stephen Colbert tried his hardest to give his fellow Bush-supporter Lieberman a similar bounce by persuading him to appear on his show, but despite offering him Cocoa Puffs, a trip to Miami and other enticements, Lieberman attempted to win simply on his Joementum, a move that has come back to haunt him.


The chairman of the Connecticut for Lieberman is a man named John Orman, who used the party to embarrass Joe and display his warmongering ways, for all the world to see. The party was later signed over to Dr. John Mertens, who uses it to run liberal candidates in Connecticut races.

Successful CampaignsEdit

Connecticut for Lieberman was able to defeat Ned Lamont to give Joe Lieberman the office that is so rightfully his.

Current struggles against the "Connecticut for Nader" party Edit

Currently, Liberman has to struggle against the newly formed "Connecticut for Nader" party, formed by 2000 Independent Presidential candidate Ralph Nader, also known as the guy who can't and wont accept losing. Since his defeat in 2000, Nader decided to aim for a lower office and ran for senator against Liberman and Lamont. Lamont won and Nader followed in Liberman's footsteps, creating his own party. The two parties are currently engaged in a "never-ending World War III." as Liberman stated, and the senate seat has not been filled since.

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