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Members of CongressEdit

Congress is divided into 2 houses: the House, and the Senate.

For the House, each state gets at least one representative, more depending on the state's population. For the Senate, each state gets two no matter how many people live in the state.



The U.S. PopulationEdit


Once Americans elect their congressmen, their work is done; they can sit back and watch what happens on TV.

If Americans disagree with what their congressmen have done, they wait until the next election, or they can call talk radio and complain because of what Nancy Pelosi did or didn't do.

Or, they can attend church and do what their priest tells them to do to change what congress is doing.

Or, they can just go back to watching TV.

There really is nothing else to do.

What is important to understand is that only democrat Americans may talk to their democrat representatives. If a democrat lives in a district represented by a Republican they are in no way permitted to contact their representative.

So, don't be a Cindy Sheehan, support your country by standing by The Greatest President Ever. You can do this many ways:

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