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Stephen from Knox
Congress/House/New Jersey Districts/8
has been featured on "The Colbert Report"
as a part of the Better Know A District segment.


New Jersey's 8th District, The Fightin' 8th! is the cradle of the American Industrial Revolution. Ten dollar bill President Alexander Hamilton was the first to pioneer the exploitation of the 8th's verdant river valley, transforming it into a belching, farting land of factories and mills, including the Colt Arms Company.

The 8th is probably one of the most diverse districts in the country, more diverse than most of NYC, which means you probably don't want to go out alone at night unless you're packing a Colt.

Represented by Bill Pascrell, the 8th was profiled on the January 25, 2006 edition of The Colbert Report for part 11 of the 435 434 part Better Know A District series.

Famous Sons And DaughtersEdit

  • Trick shooters Annie Oakley and Robert Blake

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