Currently Represented by the cowardly Republican Chris Smith.

Birthplace of two Justices of The Supreme Court: Antonin Scalia and Samuel Scalito.

Asbury Park is there too. That's where Jon Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen is from (Bon Jovi's name means: "Good Jovi" in English). Bon Jovi is a big pussy douche though, and kicked my friend's dad out of his band in high school because Bon Jovi's friend hit on my friend's dad's girlfriend.

CapitolDomeTulips This article is a stub of a Congressional District represented by someone who--apparently--was not elected to have the balls to be on "The Colbert Report". Until this district's representative gets the balls to get nailed by Stephen, help America "Better Know" this district by unloading your gut onto this page.

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