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Stephen from Knox
Congress/House/Illinois Districts/17
has been featured on "The Colbert Report"
as a part of the Better Know A District segment.


Illinois's 17th District, The Fightin' 17th! is represented in Congress by Democrat Phil Hare.

The 17th was profiled for part 44 of the 435 434 part series Better Know A District.

DramaticQuestionMark Did you know...

50% of America's Vitamin E comes from soybeans grown in the 17th

The 17th is home to many fine cities, including three of the five cities of the Quad Cities: Moline, Rock Island and East Moline. The other two Quad Cities are Davenport, and Bettendorff. (Why would anyone name one of the Quad Cites that?)

It is also home to Decatur: motto 'We like it here.' which barely edged out 'This is okay.' and 'It'll do.'

Another rejected option.

The city of Moline is the headquarters for the John Deere Tractor Company whose slogan is 'Nothing runs like a Deere.' Especially one that's being chased by an armed, angry Dick Cheney on a tractor.

Other Scenic Viewpoints Of The 17thEdit

  • Knox College
  • The Rock Island Arsenal, whose 9000 employees who build Howitzers. (Thank you for supporting the war & our President)

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