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Stephen from Knox
Congress/House/Georgia Districts/8
has been featured on "The Colbert Report"
as a part of the Better Know A District segment.

Georgia's 8th District, The Fightin' 8th! is represented in the 110th Congress by Democrat Jim Marshall.

The 8th was profiled for part 24 of the 435 434 part series Better Know A District, when it was served by Republican Lynn Westmoreland before the Georgia districts were jerrymandered redrawn for the 2006 midterm elections. Westmoreland now serves Georgia's Fightin' 3rd!

The 8th was originally the domain of the Creek Indians, but was ceded to the US government in 1821 by Chief Macintosh, son of a Scottish father and a Creek mother, who believed Indians and White settlers could live in peace. Sadly, he was proven wrong in 1825 by his tribe, which killed the Indian half of him for ceding tribal lands and the white half for taking them.

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